“A true Salesperson knows how to engage Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime in a sensible, business centric conversation”

We all know that a company`s sales team is the frontline for revenue generation and growth of any business, so it’s important that your sales team is effective, efficient and has the ability to find and close sales opportunities, no matter what industry you’re in.

The 360 Sales Training provides you, or your team, with the skills needed to increase their sales by asking the right questions, gaining loyal repeat customers, understanding common body language, overcoming common sales objections, finding referral opportunities, analysing and growing the business with professionalism, enthusiasm and more.

BC Training Solutions can offer training targeted toward those operations who engage with clients on both a “face to face” and/or telephone based sales platform and we will offer the participants a “real world” insight into the demands & aspirations of today’s customer and how businesses now need to fine tune their offerings, messages and actions to attract new clients.

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