There is some research out there that indicates that team leaders are born not made when it comes to the world of nature and nurture.

A study published in Science Advances journal suggested that shoals of fish tend to follow a leader when they are at greater risk of being eaten by a predator. Researchers, from Bristol University, Glasgow University and the University of the West Indies at St Augustine, said: “The risk of predation is a major force in the evolution of morphological, behavioural, and life history traits.”

This indicates that the dynamics of fish schools and bird flocks are widely believed to be adaptations to avoid predation. It also concludes that shoals of fish follow leaders in times of trouble

As a team leader, your role requires steering and guiding others through the shoals ahead and steering them away from predators.

A true leader learns to behave intentionally and be courageous and brave.

So how do you know if you are ready for a leadership role?

Are you already liked and respected by your teammates? Do you see the potential in others and get satisfaction out of encouraging them to step up and achieve their best?

Maybe you enjoy coaching and inspiring others and have a talent for relationship building.

Great team leaders lead by example so you can swim with the shoal as long as you show them the way to go!

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