8 Core Skills You Need in Today’s Workplace

According to an article on digital media website Mashable, there are 8 skills you need to get hired in today’s economy.

As we are often reminded, we live in a constantly changing technological age and it is vital to keep up with the skills that will ensure you can compete in the workplace and get ahead in your career.

Here at BC Training we have a range of training courses and workshops that can help you hone those skills to work with technology instead of competing with it. Soft skills, including verbal and written communication skills, are also becoming increasingly important and these are rated highly by employers.

Mashable lists the most in-demand job skills to have in 2018 as: Coding, Excel, Web Development, Writing, Project Management, Public Speaking, Google Analytics and Digital Marketing.

Public Speaking:

Fear of public speaking is something that can be overcome. Our expert trainer will show you the three professional speaking secrets that will instantly transform your delivery and will demonstrate how to use movements and gestures to give effective presentations. Find out how to get the audience on your side and command respect. Don’t worry about forgetting your words because we can show you how to think on your feet whilst looking professional.

Project Management:

If you are you looking to improve your project management skills we can supply you with the tools and techniques used in project management, so that you will be able to complete your projects successfully.

The basic skills of project management require you to understand about communication, leadership, team management, negotiation, personal organisation and risk management.


As stated by Mashable: “Compelling content is the key to engaging readers and driving traffic, and it all starts with clear, concise copywriting.”

We have a full programme of courses that will ensure you perfect your writing skills, whether for business writing or content marketing. Our expert trainer can help you generate content ideas and execute them with effective writing and storytelling.

The following upcoming courses will equip you with the skills needed to compete in the workplace:

17th May: Content Marketing Bootcamp with John W. Hayes and Fear of Public Speaking

22nd May: Introduction to Leadership and Management full day

23rd May:  Positive Communication full day