As part of your job you may be required to speak in front of others and are finding this a daunting prospect or one that already has you shaking in your shoes.

So how do you project a positive image and exude confidence? There are several skills and techniques that can be learnt to help you speak with self-assurance in front of others.

The first thing to do is to analyse your objectives. What do you want to achieve? This can help to shape your presentation, and knowing what your objectives are can help you understand if you have succeeded in delivering them.

Keep your delivery simple and focus on key issues. Structure your presentation like a story. The most effective presenters often use the same techniques as great storytellers. One useful technique is to divide your presentation into three sections: introduction (beginning), main content (middle) and the conclusion (end).

Perfect your delivery and timing and take note of speakers in the public eye and adopt their habits. Whether you agree with his politics or not, Barack Obama has a reputation for being a good public speaker with powerful delivery skills. He presents in a style that attracts and engages the audience and he builds a rapport with them, speaking in a confident manner with positive body language, using the ‘Rule of Three’, as mentioned above.  Obama demonstrates many of the qualities that are innate in a talented, persuasive and motivational speaker.

Rehearsing your presentation is a great way to overcome any problems. Don’t stare at your feet but make eye contact with your audience to hold their attention.  Try to vary the tone and pitch of your voice and speak confidently, not reading from a script but maybe using cue cards or a slide presentation to assist your memory.

Learning how to deliver effective presentations is a skill that can be learnt and one that will ultimately lead to improving your career satisfaction and confidence.

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