“Effective coaching can have a profound impact not only the lives of your colleagues, but on your entire company.”

Coaching can be used effectively in three areas:

  • solving problems
  • developing and achieving long-term goals
  • improving performance

“Think of an organisation like a tree, with the CEO on the bottom. The individual contributors are the fruit—the people doing the work—and managers are their supportive branches. Coaching is a key tool for ensuring your teammates fully ripen.”

Creating a coaching culture within your organisation will be a valuable asset to both personal and team development.

According to an article in Deloitte Insights by Josh Bersin, coaching is one of the key components of managing modern employees. “With the fast pace of industry changes and the almost monthly need for new skills, it’s essential that you help your team learn and grow regularly.” Bersin estimates that today’s skills only have a life of 2 ½ to 5 years. “Today’s employees don’t just want to turn up to work and complete their daily tasks. Two-thirds of millennials expect their managers to help bring them to the next level by providing development opportunities. Coaching your employees and helping them progress is the mark of a successful leader.”

Our one day course will teach you how to establish rapport with others to engage in effective coaching and to build listening relationships within your teams.

Attendees will be able to put into practice core coaching skills to identify well-formed goals and outcomes, provide support and resources.

If you are a manager or team leader you will want your team to succeed, so it’s worth investing in them to help them achieve more and to become better at what they do.