Planning helps a business identify its goals. Preparing for the future allows leadership and management to consider the impact they would like the company to have and to find a way to get there.

This course will provide you with an overview of the analytical business tools used to facilitate planning and forecasting. You will be trained in the process of making informed decisions for your branding strategies.

You will learn:

  • Strategic analytical methods that evaluate business data and convert information into knowledge
  • Key analytical tools that can be used in the prevailing market, as well as to strategically anticipate what may plausibly occur in the future
  • Understand the complex nature of fast-moving organisations, as well competitors within an existing market
  • How to analyse the results of social media campaigns and understand what customers are viewing, what they are sharing and how they are contributing to your social influence
  • How to manage and make wealth from intangibles, with a strong focus on knowledge management
  • The importance of analysis and forecasting, in strategic development and decision-making
  • Trends in analysis and the shifts in demands and thinking
  • Is competitive advantage dead?
  • What about Big Data?
  • What is intellectual capital?
  • Structural capital
  • Stakeholder (human), structural and relational capital
  • Measuring brand equity
  • Competitor analysis
  • Five forces industry analysis
  • Driving forces analysis
  • Macroeconomic analysis (PESTEL)
  • Value chain analysis
  • Win/loss analysis
  • Analysis of social media campaigns and social media metrics
  • Efficiency ratios, solvency ratios, liquidity analysis ratios and probability analysis ratios
  • Strategic issue management
  • Scenario analysis, pattern analysis and horizon scanning

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