What exactly is capability building? Some of you may think it is just another name for training your employees, but capability building is essentially increasing knowledge and skills that will lead to expanding capacity.

Capability building is moving forward. Gone are the days of getting everybody together in a room – nowadays capability building can be facilitated online as well as in the workplace.

Capability building will ensure that your employees will be able to effectively perform their work in the current workplace but will also prepare them for challenges they may face going forward.

Communication strategies are just one of the skills that are needed as part of a capability building strategy. Good relationships depend on open and honest communication and there are certain strategies that can be learnt to ensure that your employees work together effectively.

Language can be extremely powerful when used as a tool of communication, but there are other techniques that can be utilised to influence behaviour and build positive communication habits, including active listening and body language.

There are many companies that do not take employee training seriously, but it makes sense to invest in your employees and it will help your company build a solid reputation in the business market. Support your workers to continuously adapt and acquire skills by focusing on human capabilities.

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