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What is content marketing you may ask? In a nutshell it is the practice of creating content such as blog posts, videos and email newsletters and then promoting that content to build brand awareness and trust and eventually to earn conversions from your audience.

But is Content Marketing still effective in this digital age? The answer is yes, and it is even more cost-effective than paid ad campaigns. The key to successful content marketing is having a strategy.  You may think that you already have a good content marketing strategy and that you or your employees are actively engaging on the right platforms. You probably write blog posts on a regular basis, post all over social media and endeavour to engage your audience in an interesting and captivating manner. But are you getting the results you want?

Does your corporate blog lack personality?

Could your email marketing campaigns pack more punch?

Is your social media activity running low on ideas?

Having the right content marketing strategy can differentiate between those who are seeing no results from those who are riding the wave of a great campaign. Creating and writing better content and copy that is useful and shareable is the only way forward. One of the first things to do to ensure a successful content marketing campaign is to identify your goals and then determine which channels will benefit you the most.

Content marketing is also an extremely useful tool for start-ups. If you can build trust and educate your audience, it will grow and your business will generate more customers.

Many small business owners find it difficult to create compelling content to fuel their marketing strategy, citing lack of time, lack of ideas or simply the lack of ability.

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