“Have you given content marketing a fair chance? Yes, you might need to invest a little more time, effort and money into your strategy, but the rewards are there for those willing to put the work in.” These are the words of Marketing Strategist John W. Hayes who will be returning to Gibraltar to hold his popular Content Marketing Bootcamp, newly updated, in January 2019.

There are several common and harmful misconceptions surround content marketing, one of which is that it is easy. Wrong!  ‘Content Marketing’ is often generalised as applying to all social media marketing, but this is another misconception that can have a negative impact on any successful content marketing strategy.

Another misunderstanding is when content marketing is deemed by some to be the same as content creation. However, although content is ‘key’, it is only one part of an overall strategy that includes everything from distribution to communication.

According to John W. Hayes, content marketing has to be carefully targeted and optimised in the same way that you would optimise any email marketing or paid search activities, otherwise it will not work.

“If you get it right, then marketing becomes easy and can help to position your brand and the individuals in your organisation as industry thought leaders. It can also drive leads, shorten the sales cycle and help to close more deals,” John says.

With more than 20-years’ experience in online marketing and ecommerce, John W. Hayes works with major technology brands like iContact, demonstrating how organizations of all sizes can maximize their potential from email, social media and content marketing-led strategies. He is the author of four books, Becoming THE Expert: Enhancing Your Business Reputation through Thought Leadership Marketing, A Crash Course in Email Marketing for Small and Medium-sized Businesses, Bricks & Mortar Oughta: What Real World Businesses Can Learn from The Internet and Why Authors, Bloggers, Journalists and Writers Need to Think Like Rock Stars.

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