What is Content Marketing? Think of Content Marketing as helping people, not selling to them, and your target audience will learn about you as a brand, about your products and services, and your expertise.

Have you ever had a lightbulb moment? Use it, don’t lose it! If you’ve ever been in a meeting or in a conversation with colleagues and have come up with a great solution – share it.  Think about whether your audience would be interested to know about it and maybe it could solve problems they are having related to your industry.

Expert commentary is exactly the type of content your audience wants to see; share this regularly and your brand will soon become recognised as knowledgeable and authoritative.

Content Marketing is so important for all businesses. Research has shown that companies who create consistent and valuable marketing content experience more site growth than their competitors.

If you have already been using Content Marketing to heighten the profile of your business, you may need to update the strategies and tools that you have been using. Now audio/visual content is leading the way with more videos, livestreaming and webinars amongst the latest trends. Video has become a key component of successful marketing strategies that drives potential customers to your business.

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