We are nearly half way through 2019 and you should be reaping the rewards of your content planning marketing strategy.


A recent study by LinkedIn in conjunction with research and monitoring tool Buzzsumo which looked at the 40,000 most shared social media posts for 10 different industries, analysed their success in driving organic reach and engagement, but also examined the extent to which they establish influence and authority.

The results of the study were resoundingly clear in that there is no single formula for content marketing success. Instead it showed that there are different formulas for each industry and that success comes through understanding the relevant formula for your target audience, selecting the right combination of triggers for engagement, authority and sharing.

Ultimately, the LinkedIn report came up with a structure that can be used to identify the best content formula that can easily be applied when developing your content planning marketing strategy, itemised here by topic headings:

  1. Draw up a target list of topics, applying your expertise to the relevant hot-button subjects for your industry
  2. Ensure your content mix is delivering against all of your objectives
  3. Approach your target list of topics through a range of different content types
  4. Match formats to your audience needs – and be ready to experiment
  5. Mix up your length
  6. Grasp the headline opportunity
  7. Amplify your content on the most relevant social platforms

Headlines are worth getting right to ensure that you drive strong engagement and sharing. The LinkedIn report examined the three-word phrases that drove the most shares on LinkedIn over the past 10 months amongst B2B audiences:

Content Planning

Additionally, the study found that  lists of 10 increase a sense of authority and reference-ability in several sectors, and words like ‘Leader’ and ‘Success’ appeal on an aspirational level, while ‘Secret’ indicates the power of exclusivity in driving intrigue and interest.

Download the informative guide from LinkedIn Buzzsumo by clicking on this link: ‘The DNA Behind the World’s Most Successful Content’