IMG_2766So today I was honoured to be invited to speak at 2 sessions, one was a session on my own called “Empowering your Team with Collaborative Training” as it was starting at 9.45 I decided not to take part in any breakfast networking tables today but instead had breakfast with the lovely Ruth from Standard Chartered who had come all the way from Zambia.

My session can be viewed online here. The video was running whilst they set things up so you can skip the first couple of minutes.  I met some very interesting ladies in my session including attendees from Slovenia, India and the Philippines.  A very diverse crowd.

I then stayed in that room and watched a session titled “Transformation of a Woman by 2030”.

Then I was on my second session of the day which was a plenary panel discussing “Driving the future through Personal Leadership & Example”.  There were so many wonderful inspiring people on my panel and one by one they kept mentioning things that I had prepared for my speech, always the way when you are with accomplished speakers. You can watch the plenary here.  I come on at 46 minutes, it is only 4 minutes.

The next session with Gowri and the fantastic Candice was titled “Building Powerful Business Habits”.  Candice is the Planking Woman, she had us all planking on stage the other day and it came up in conversation again today.  They both gave us great tips on how to have powerful business habits which will help you with your aims of success.

The next two sessions were plenarys, which focused on Media & Entertainment and Entrepreneurship & Creativity, which again introduced me to a whole group of new people that I had not met or had heard from.

If you have not read Day 4, you can do that here.