IMG_8434So WEF2017 has come to a close.  What a truly wonderful 6 days it has been.  Enlightening, empowering, stimulating so many words I could use to describe the event, the people, the team behind it and the venue.

Today you could sense that there was an air of sadness around as we all started to say goodbye to new friends that we had made.  Lots of bonding has gone on in the past 6 days.  Dr Harbeen Arora looked stunning in another of her beautiful dresses, which she told me her mother designs and makes with a team of dressmakers.  We started with a few plenarys which recognised leaders from the world of training, media, arts.  Then some fireside chats with top Indian film directors, gurus, authors, government minister and industrialists.  Then before lunch we had the famous actress Shilpa Shetty arrive for her one on one chat with Harbeen.

There were some international people honoured today, but the majority of people honoured and speaking today were local Indians, of course when you say local it really is not that local as people travelled far and wide from a country as vast as this for this event.  After lunch we had a couple more plenarys where people from industry and education were honoured.  Then it was the time for a famous Indian singer to take the stage and have a one on one Q&A with Harbeen.  Finally it was time to close the event with Harbeen giving the final speech and a huge group photo was taken.  If you want to see any of the sessions you can check out the WEF2017 You Tube channel for all the sessions.

As I sit here in the lounge and reflect on the past week, there are so many takeaways for me to take from this but perhaps the greatest is the power of the story and to realise how lucky in Gibraltar we are.  I do think that because we are so lucky we are perhaps not as committed to empowerment as we should be and that could be an area which I will work on in the coming days, weeks, months.  I do know that what I need to do is take action.

My vision for BC Training has definitely grown and we definitely will be growing globally with the connections I have made here.  On my return we will be launching BC Lifestyles fully and rolling out the new courses and the updated vision, mission and aims for BC Training as well as launching the ALL (All Ladies League) Chapter for Gibraltar.

Next year I want to take my tribe of women from Gibraltar to New Delhi and show them that the world is there to be conquered if they dare to dream.

Thank you for enjoying my blogs, if you want to know more about my trip, please do get in touch with me at or call 200 65461.