Start planning your Facebook advertising strategy for 2019 and beat the rush. Why wait until 1st January? Dominate the market with just a few simple steps.

Why Facebook is a must for Business Owners:

Facebook and Google are the two biggest sources of customers online, but Facebook is winning!

Reach: 2.2 billion users –  50% of the UK population spend an average of thirty minutes a day on Facebook.

Targeting: Facebook lets you find the people you want to connect to. You can target a local audience, making sure that you reach only the people you want to, with unbelievable precision.

Facebook is free and in exchange for that they capture personal information which they keep anonymous.

Brand Awareness

If you have a new business and your goal is to increase brand awareness, consider growing your Facebook followers through ads.

Engage with your audience through the use of frequent, high quality posts. You can boost posts to encourage more engagement and measure results using specific benchmarks.

If your goal is to promote attendance at a specific event, consider boosting a Facebook event page.

If your goal is simply to increase profit for your ecommerce store, a conversion campaign on Facebook Ads Manager would be best for you. Be sure to track your cost per conversion and ROI.

Investing in Facebook ads is definitely something you should consider doing if you want to boost your product visibility.

Going Live

Marketers are looking at the opportunities offered by using live video on Facebook. Live video is a powerful interactive tool used by marketers to engage with their audience in real time.

There are several ways to incorporate live video into your marketing strategy:

Host a webinar

Conduct Interviews or Q&A sessions

Offer online classes where you provide information about your area of business – promote yourself as an expert in a particular niche.

Stream a new product launch

Keeping ahead of social media marketing trends will help you and your company achieve success in 2019.

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