Minute Taking – Why It Is an Important Skill

Calling all personal assistants and minute takers; you may think that taking the minutes of a meeting is an easy thing to do, but it is definitely a skill that can be learnt – and an important one as well.

Any good personal assistant will realise that accurate minute taking is crucial to reflect what has been dealt with during any meeting, board meeting or committee meeting.

A good set of minutes will capture three things:

What was decided

What was accomplished

What was agreed and actions for the attendees

BC Training’s Minute Taking training course will help you identify your role before, during and after any meeting. Our expert trainer will help you to learn the techniques required to take notes during meetings and to structure your minutes effectively. This will increase your confidence and save time by making sure you only include the essential, relevant points.

We will show you how to ensure action points and decisions are effectively captured and how to make your minutes reader friendly, accurate, brief and clear.

Of course, the minute takers job does not finish once the meeting is over.  You will then need to distribute your minutes in an acceptable timeframe.

This practical course takes you through the process of preparing for a meeting, noting the relevant information and producing the final minutes after the meeting.

We have some great hints and tips to make minute taking much easier. Call us today to find out more.