“You can’t make up for lost time. You can only do better in the future.”   Ashley Ormon.

“Manage the BlackBerry, don’t let it manage you. The key is to do it in bursts and not to let it dominate your day. Speak to people – I do get a lot of emails every day and try to answer as many as I can; but I also believe that you need to speak to people.”  Richard Branson

These two quotes illustrate that even the most experienced business leaders need regular reminders to encourage them to plan well, manage themselves and prioritise effectively.

Do you feel like you are in control at work? Do you manage your time or does it manage you? If you manage a team of people do you set priorities? Are you familiar with cascading objectives, a skill that many managers are not familiar with? There are so many questions surrounding successful time management, but BC Training can supply you with the answers to help increase productivity, reduce stress, and improve results.

If you are a manager, do you avoid delegation? Learn about Delegation vs. Empowerment and how these can be harnessed positively within the workplace. Delegation can sometimes seem more hassle than it’s worth, however by delegating effectively, you can greatly expand the amount of work that you can deliver.

Time management is an easy skill to learn as long as you have the desire and commitment to change. We can help you understand the core purposes of your role and the key deliverables, either tangible or intangible, that you need to complete a project.

The key to successful time management is planning and then protecting that planned time, which often involves re-conditioning your environment. Call BC Training today and book your place on one of our Time Management courses.