LinkedIn to gain customers… why bother you ask?

While most people start with the free version of LinkedIn, there are a number of useful paid features that make a Premium account worth the investment.

Maybe you had thought of LinkedIn as purely a go-to social media platform. Maybe you thought of it as just a place to post your C.V. if you were looking to change jobs. However, LinkedIn is much more than just a career site. Think of it as the go-to-place to create brand awareness.

We’ve recently heard of someone who took the step to sign up for LinkedIn Premium to grow their client base and… guess what… it paid off. They are reaching far more interested parties than before and their reach is now international, not just local.

So how do you generate interest in your brand on LinkedIn? The answer is to start by making connections and build those up into relationships. As a business owner you should be able to connect with strategic partners, referral partners and prospects quite easily. Once you have made those connections you can grow those relationships.

LinkedIn states that with Premium you can ‘connect your brand with over 660 million professionals across the globe’.

There are several things you can do to heighten the profile of your business:

Create an effective LinkedIn page

This is where prospective customers can learn more about your brand and engage with relevant marketing content.

  • Optimize your Company Page for search to gain visibility
  • Insert keywords, link to your page and share relevant content often.
  • Publish engaging content on your company page that your target audience will want to read
  • Engage With Prospects on Shared LinkedIn Groups

More than 30 million companies use LinkedIn for business and with more than 660 million members, there are a huge number of brands successfully using LinkedIn Premium to market, network, connect, and sell.