Salespeople can get very busy trying to “sell” their products and services and often miss what the buyer really needs.

The difference between a good salesperson and a great one is huge!

A good salesperson can handle objections but a great one preempts any objections and makes them disappear. A great salesperson can earn a prospective customer’s loyalty and ultimately win their trust and business.

“Make a sale, you’ll make a living.  Sell a relationship and you can make a fortune.”

A good salesperson focuses on just closing the sale, whereas a great salesperson focuses on closing the sale and building a long term relationship with the customer.

Great salespeople have a proven formula that they use time and time again to generate new business.

Find out the secret to make you or your team into great salespeople in BC Training’s Advanced Sales Training course. We can show you how to improve and develop the skills to master sales within your business/organisation.

  • Learn about mindset in your industry
  • Gain confidence and learn specific communication and listening skills through a sales process
  • Sales Funnel. Why and when buyers actually make decisions to buy
  • What goes on the minds of today`s buyers?
  • The 360 Sales Technique
  • The Boomerang Technique
  • How to build long term relationships with your customers
  • B2B Techniques
  • Referral system
  • Sales Analysis and much more…

A learning curve is essential to growth and we are here to help.