What is a difficult conversation?

A difficult or challenging conversation is a conversation where you have to manage emotions and information in a sensitive way.

Have you, as a manager, been caught up in a difficult conversation about performance or conduct issues? Maybe you shy away from getting involved or don’t think that it is your responsibility to sort a problem out. It can be one of the most challenging parts of your role as a manager, but initiating a conversation around sensitive topics is a skill that can be learnt. No one likes conflict, after all!

Why should you have a ‘difficult or challenging conversation’? If you don’t address issues you may lower morale amongst team members or mislead employees by giving them the impression there is no problem. You could also damage the productivity and efficiency of your business and deny employees the chance to improve or put things right.

Many of the skills needed to manage difficult conversations and behaviour are often referred to as ‘soft skills’. However, there is nothing soft about dealing with a confrontational employee.

In order to manage a difficult conversation you need to think carefully about the way you communicate and how you would address sensitive subject matters such as bullying or emotional issues. Are you able to take control of a meeting? If you don’t have the self-belief that you are able to manage and control workplace issues, training can help to give you the confidence you need.

Each conversation will need to be handled differently, depending on the issue, but they will all require skill and empathy.

Without the proper action or conflict resolution, you could damage the productivity and efficiency of your business. The consequence of not having that difficult and challenging conversation could be costly.

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