Shift work is associated with a number of negative health outcomes which may impact your organisation’s productivity, sick leave and employee retention.

According to the British Medical Journal, one of the most influential general medicine journals in the world, research has shown that one of the most important physiological problems associated with shift work, the night shift in particular, is that working, eating, and sleeping phases are changed. Shift work can also lead to social marginalisation, with disruption to family and social activities.

A BMJ article by published by J M Harrington entitled ‘Health effects of shift work and extended hours of work’ summarises the health effects of shift work as being:

Reduction in quality and quantity of sleep

Widespread complaints of “fatigue”

Anxiety, depression, and increased neuroticism

Increasing evidence of adverse cardiovascular effects

Possible increase in gastrointestinal disorders

Shift work could be making you sick because the body’s internal clock is set for two 12-hour periods of light and darkness, and when this rhythm is thrown off, so is the immune system.

American publication Medical News Today said that in July 2014 a meta-analysis published in Occupational and Environmental Medicine suggested that shift workers face an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. In particular, people working rotating shifts face an increased risk of 42%.

So what can you do to ensure that you or your shift working employees stay healthy?  BC Training’s expert can implement nutritional and health strategies based on your organisation’s shift system that can help boost the health and wellbeing of your staff. We can show you how to improve energy and reduce fatigue and how to boost your immune system. The training session will also include:

  • An understanding of what and when to eat to manage shift work.
  • How to ensure quality sleep between shifts
  • How to transition between shift patterns
  • How to keep your immune system strong even when you are tired
  • Foods that help
  • Foods that hinder your health and shift work

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