What is Instagram?

Instagram is a free photo and video social media sharing app available on Apple iOS, Android and Windows Phone that was acquired by Facebook in 2012.

It has 1 billion active users with 500 million daily active users.

The platform continues to roll out new business-specific features, so it’s not too late to start using Instagram for business now.

Small businesses can make a strong impact on Instagram.

Instagram is not difficult to master when it comes to connecting to your target audience and increasing the reach of your brand.

Fill out your profile:

Profile photo: Use your company logo so that people can easily identify your brand.

Account name: Make this your business name, and make sure it is the same as the one you use on other social profiles.

Username: This should be your business name but note that your username cannot have any spaces.

Website: This will be the only clickable URL on your Instagram page. Most businesses either use their website or link to their latest promotional page.

Bio: Describe what your business does or put in your company slogan here.

If you are interested in statistics, it is a good idea to switch to an Instagram Business Profile. The main difference between a Business Profile and a personal account is access to features like Instagram Insights, Instagram Ads and contact information.

Hashtags: Sharing great content and tagging it with relevant hashtags will mean you will be seen by more users. You can add up to 30 hashtags per post and users are now able to follow specific hashtags, along with profiles, meaning that they can keep tabs on relevant conversations by using hashtags alone.

If you make the switch to an Instagram business profile, you will have access to post insights which tell you how many impressions you received from hashtags.

Captions: Include engaging captions that encourage followers to interact with your content. Asking questions and directing people to answer in the comments box is a good tip.

Instagram Stories: These appear separately to your usual feed and last for only 24 hours. Due to the temporary nature of the content, Instagram stories give you the opportunity to give users a ‘behind the scenes’ look at your brand, product or services. Use Stories to live blog , to promote an upcoming event or to launch a new product.

If you need help in setting up or managing Instagram for Business – get in touch with us at BC Training.