If you are failing in your marketing endeavours and feel that you are getting stuck with ideas for new content or great copy, stop packing your posts with gobbledygook and think about producing easily digested messages in simple, plain language.

The phrase ‘Content is King’ seems to have become a bit of a cliché these days but don’t make the mistake of thinking that it is not relevant in the development of your business because good content can help improve your rankings in search engines and ultimately attract more customers.

Here are our Top Tips for Copywriting:

Don’t Become Too Formal

Write as if you are speaking, not as if you are a robot! Keep the tone of voice friendly and casual, not formal.

Trim Your Taglines

The shorter the better, so try writing about your business in a few sentences, then cut it down and finally trim it some more so that it is concise but descriptive about what you do.

Use the 70/30% Rule

Give good information about your business = 70%

Sell your business = 30%

Use the AIDA Copywriting Formula

AIDA is a formula used by copywriters and marketers to create effective copywriting that gets results.

Attention: Grab attention with a compelling headline or an engaging opening sentence.

Interest:  Tell your readers how your business can help them.  Make sure that the first 300 words are really interesting.

Desire: Promote the benefits of your service and use testimonials from satisfied customers to prove that it really works.

Action: A call to action could include a link to download a fact sheet or to contact you via a button, email address or with a phone number. Create a sense of urgency so that readers want to contact you immediately.

So… if you want to grab your readers’ attention, draw them in, engage their interest and motivate them to act, get in touch. We can teach you how to write great copy or we have a team of highly trained copywriters who can deliver exceptional copy to take your business to the next level.