Being a boss and being a leader are different things entirely. A leader can be your boss but a boss is not always a leader

Real leaders get results through motivation and inspiration. They don’t scare their team or intimidate them to get results. They don’t micromanage, they delegate. They don’t humiliate, they give constructive criticism.

Good leadership is about setting the stage for success, gathering the support and resources to achieve that, and assembling teams that excel.

“Leadership is unlocking people’s potential to become better.”

… Bill Bradley (American politician and former professional basketball player).

The best way to develop employees is not to manage them. You need to coach them to success.

Identifying the skills within your team members and providing them with specific feedback to ensure they can meet expectations is key to achieving goals,  and remember, the success of your team equals your own success and as a leader your ability to inspire and develop people is something that could be critical to your own future.

Leadership is the #1 talent issue facing organisations today. With the digital era accelerating at an unprecedented pace, companies need employees with both the technical know-how and leadership acumen to move their industry forward.

We are pleased to announce a new course in our training portfolio led by an expert trainer.

Leaders = Success will enable you to practice new management techniques, discover your leadership strengths, and expand your professional horizon.

Our expert trainer will go through the principal steps of how to succeed as a leader in your organisation focused on mind-set, motivation, support, communication, strategic planning (team work), development, self-awareness and others.

“Remember the difference between a boss and a leader; a boss says Go! – a leader says Let’s go!”

…  E. M. Kelly