Some of us hide our personal power behind layers of self-doubt, insecurity and fear.

The right life coach and/or mentor can help you break through these limiting beliefs and put you on the path to creating the life you should be living and turn your self-doubt and insecurities into unwavering self-confidence.

A life coach can help to identify professional or personal blocks and challenges and go on to help clients to recognize their strengths and to find opportunities. A life coach usually sees a client for certain period of time until their goal has been achieved.

Mentoring on the other hand is more of a long-term process based on mutual respect and trust. A mentor offers guidance that can lead to a boost in your confidence. By offering their knowledge, expertise and advice a mentor can guide mentees in the right direction. If you want to improve your self-image or change your mindset, then a mentor can help with that mission.

There are many different scenarios where a life coach and/or mentor can help because your internal belief system is responsible for triggering ingrained behaviours that you need to overcome.

Maybe you want to get fit but haven’t been successful in the past, so you believe that you can never achieve that goal of getting into shape.

Do you want to change your life path and find a new career but think that you aren’t qualified or that you are too young or too old?

You may want to attract more abundance into your life, whether that is financially or in your love life.

Believing you are unworthy or unqualified to achieve all those things can block those experiences from manifesting in your life so you need to unblock them. It’s nearly impossible to do this alone, but a life coach and/or mentor will provide a safe space to explore those blocks and to make impactful changes.