What is a marketing plan and why do you need to have one?

A marketing plan is a document that outlines your company’s overall marketing strategy and how you will implement it using a combination of resources to achieve your business objectives.  Think of it as a road-map for introducing and delivering your product or service to potential customers.

Building a marketing plan involves having a good understanding of your business and once put in place is something that will require regular review and revision.

BC Training’s Marketing Planning for Success training course will benefit marketing beginners, business owners managing their own marketing and managers using marketing agencies.

The course will include:

  • Reviewing the fields of the marketing plan and how to fill them in
  • How to set objectives in a SMART manner
  • How to do a SWOT Analysis and the benefits of doing it
  • The importance of competitor analysis and tips for doing it
  • How to identify your target audience to improve communication to them
  • What is a USP and how do you create one?
  • Methods for setting marketing budgets
  • The way to construct a detailed plan and apply it

Benefits for Delegates

  • Understand the importance of a marketing plan
  • Receive a professional marketing plan template
  • Be guided through the fields and helped to understand how fill it out
  • Get a better understanding of your company, competitors and target market
  • Start thinking and completing your marketing plan with guidance from our marketing experts

This is an informative and practical course about the importance of marketing in a strategic and well planned manner for the best chance of success. It contains advice and tips for producing an excellent marketing plan, explanations of the different fields of the plan and how to tackle them. All participants will receive a professional marketing plan template which will be filled in with our guidance during the workshop.