BC Training Solutions is privileged to be working with two inspirational professionals who are delivering their Challenging Mindsets that Marginalise video event to our clients.

Paul Shepherd

Paul has worked in several countries for a wide variety of private and third sector organisations. He is a licensed NLP Master Practitioner, a practising Hypnotherapist, a certified DiSC trainer, and a licensed Master Trainer for accredited resilience programmes. He is also involved with a number of companies in the UK, where he implements workplace wellbeing cultures and consults on organisational change. Paul has worked extensively in Gibraltar supporting GibSams listening volunteers and their board of trustees in various aspects, specifically team behaviours, cohesion and personal resilience.

Dr. Christian Perrin

Christian is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Greenwich, a Chartered Psychologist, and a consultant with Gritstone. He has an extensive and varied background in psychology, spanning forensic, clinical, and organisational fields of research and practice and has developed several evidence-based training resources which use transition psychology to help individuals and organisations excel. Christian has expertise in the psychology of influence and negotiation and has worked with companies internationally to bolster their strategic aims and methods of working. He also has expertise in stigmatisation, specialising in the experience and reduction of marginalisation in workplace contexts and beyond. Christian is passionate about empowering individuals and organisations to be the best they can be, using research-informed methods that achieve meaningful results. He is the co-developer of the Challenging Mindsets that Marginalise programme, which aims to educate participants on such constructs as systemic racism and empower people to create more inclusive environments.


Founded 6 years ago we are a specialist organisation who use transition psychology to illuminate some of the critical features of organisational and individual development.  We possess expertise in organisational change and provide learning in the areas of workplace conflict, team cohesion, and cultures of wellbeing. We work with a small number of specialist associates to provide cost effective and tailored solutions and our client base to date includes large organisations like NHS Trusts, Universities, learning providers as well as SME’s, and charities and individuals seeking 1 to 1 support. Our ethos is that any organisation is simply a community of individuals that share a common cause and aligning the individual with the cause is where the magic happens.

For more information about Challenging Mindsets that Marginalise please contact BC Training Solutions at info@bctrainingsolutions.com