Mental illness is one of the biggest issues faced by employers these days.

According to the UK’s Health and Safety Executive (HSE) Labour Force Survey, work is the most common cause of stress for UK adults, with 59% experiencing it and 49% of all working days lost in 2016-2017 were reported as being due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety.

Just 9% say they ‘never’ experience work-related stress, while only 12% consider the levels of work-related stress they experience as ‘low’

One in five (21%) UK workers experience moderate to high levels of work-related stress several times per week.

Many of us are still reluctant to talk about work related stress because there is still a stigma attached to admitting that we are suffering from stress.

The HSE has identified the six primary causes of work-related stress to be:

The demands of the job – staff can become overloaded if they cannot cope with the amount of work or type of work they are asked to do

Amount of control over work – staff can feel disaffected and perform poorly if they have no say over how and when they do their work

Support from managers and colleagues – levels of sickness absence often rise if staff feel they cannot talk to managers about issues troubling them

Relationships at work – a failure to build relationships based on good behaviour and trust can lead to problems related to discipline, grievances and bullying

How a role fits within the organisation – staff will feel anxious about their work and the organisation if they don’t know what is expected of them and/or understand how their work fits into the objectives of the organisation

Change and how it is managed – change needs to be managed effectively or it can lead to huge uncertainty and insecurity.

When you find yourself stressed, ask yourself one question: Will this matter in 5 years from now? If yes, then do something about the situation. If no, then let it go.


Our one-day course will enable you to manage your own pressure and stressful situations more effectively. By understanding what stress is, how it is caused, how it may manifest and by imparting some techniques for dealing with it you will be able to undertake your work more effectively and with a greater degree of personal satisfaction.