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  • Advanced Sales 1

Habits of Great Salespeople

Salespeople can get very busy trying to “sell” their products and services and often miss what the buyer really needs. The difference between a good salesperson and a great one is huge! A good salesperson can handle objections but a [...]

  • Soft Skills group 19

Debunking the Soft Skills Myth

What are ‘Soft Skills’? Soft skills are interpersonal (people) skills that include communication skills, listening skills, and empathy, encompassing problem solving, emotional intelligence and creativity. People who possess a range of soft skills are often in demand by employers and [...]

  • Monkey Management Group 1

Monkey Management

Do you ever feel that you’ve spent the entire day sorting out other people’s problems? The monkey-loving manager becomes so busy “helping” their staff that they no longer have any time left for their staff – ironically the people they [...]

  • Boomerang Technique group

The Boomerang Technique

Mastering Sales Objections & Customer Service What is the Boomerang Technique? This is a classic sales method that turns a customer’s objections for not accepting the sales pitch and buying the product into one which strengthens the probability of winning [...]

  • Leaders = Success group

Leaders = Success – Don`t be a BOSS be a LEADER!

  Being a boss and being a leader are different things entirely. A leader can be your boss but a boss is not always a leader Real leaders get results through motivation and inspiration. They don’t scare their team or [...]

  • Business Coaching group

Business Coaching for Managers and Team Leaders

“Effective coaching can have a profound impact not only the lives of your colleagues, but on your entire company.” Coaching can be used effectively in three areas: solving problems developing and achieving long-term goals improving performance “Think of an organisation [...]

  • Customer Service group August 19

Building Healthy Customer Relationships

Training your customer service team is one of the most important aspects of any customer based company. They are the face of your business, your brand ambassadors, and customer experience will be defined by the skill and quality of the [...]

  • unconscious bias group

Unconscious Bias

Have you ever made a judgement about someone on the way they look, the colour of the clothes they are wearing, or the way they speak? What exactly is unconscious bias? It refers to a bias that happens automatically, is [...]

  • content is still king

Content is still King!

Learn to create truly persuasive marketing content for your customers at our Content Marketing Boot Camp and make sure you are at the top of your Content Marketing game. What is content marketing you may ask? In a nutshell it [...]

  • If-Then Planning

Change your Life with If-Then Planning

There is a simple strategy that has been proven to help you deal effectively with distractions and help you to successfully achieve any goal you set in life, personally or professionally. The strategy is called “if-then planning”. If you are [...]

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