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Today, one of the world’s largest travel e-commerce companies and a digital technology leader, announced a global partnership with Web Summit. Together they will host a dedicated ‘Women in Tech’ networking and mentoring program at the flagship Web Summit [...]

  • Telephone Etiquette 5


Presenting a professional image in the workplace is so important to the success of the company that you are working for. Not only should this apply to your own personal image; the way you present yourself and your attire, but [...]

  • Create Compelling Headlines


First Impressions: Content is key! Content is king! So the content marketing gurus tell you, but so is a compelling headline. Writing a really great headline is a sure-fire way to connect with your readers and get them to read [...]

  • FB Privacy Logo


HOW TO DELETE FACEBOOK APPS YOU DON’T WANT ANYMORE In light of the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal, it may be a good idea to check your Facebook privacy settings and to see which apps have access to your data and [...]

  • Insight Mag 1

The Importance of Training and Development with BC Training

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to”…  Richard Branson Life is just one big learning process and constantly expanding our minds and striving for lifelong learning, personally and professionally, is [...]

  • Eating the Frog 1

Eat the Frog… Stop Juggling – Start Single-Tasking!

Resolution for today – stop juggling, start single-tasking! But it’s not as easy as it sounds if, like me, you are a consummate multi-tasker. However, multi-tasking does not lead to serenity and peace of mind; it just makes me frazzled [...]

  • bullying 2

Bullying at Work

Bullying in the workplace is a very common practice and is not just confined to the factory floor or to customer service employees. It can occur in the loftiest of institutions, including Westminster. Recent headlines have highlighted that there is [...]

  • Facebook Audience Network

How to Stop Facebook Tracking You on your Mobile

Since its launch in 2016, Facebook has expanded its Audience Network placements which allow advertisers to extend their ad campaigns beyond Facebook to reach more audiences on third-party apps and websites. In particular, these ads show up in mobile apps. With the recent [...]

  • Presentations Skills 9

Become a Powerful Speaker and Perfect your Presentation Skills

As part of your job you may be required to speak in front of others and are finding this a daunting prospect or one that already has you shaking in your shoes. So how do you project a positive image [...]

  • effective management 1

How to Become an Effective Manager

Being a good manager is an innate skill and one that separates the best from the mediocre. It doesn’t matter whether you know the ins and outs of your specific business; an effective manager can adapt their approach to deliver [...]

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