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  • objective setting Group Sept 21

Objective Setting

Without goals you can’t achieve your true potential, so for all businesses it’s essential to learn how to establish goals and then create a coherent and well thought out business plan in order to make it happen. Setting clear and [...]

  • team leadership group Sept 21

How to be an Effective Team Leader

Research has shown that shoals of fish tend to follow a leader when they are at greater risk of being eaten by a predator! As a team leader, your role requires steering and guiding others through the shoals ahead and [...]

  • Positive Attitude Aug 21

A Positive Attitude

You may have noticed that here at BC Training we post a lot about having a positive mental attitude and you may also be wondering how this can be applied to your life, particularly in workplace training. First of all [...]

  • Headless Chicken Marketing Aug 21

Stop Headless Chicken Marketing – Small Businesses Tips

How long have you been running around like a headless chicken for, trying to improve your marketing strategy but not knowing where to turn? Without a dedicated strategy you will end up like ‘Miracle Mike’, the chicken that lived for [...]

  • customer relationships August 21

Making the Most of Customer Relationships

Do you want to improve the relationship that your business has with your customers in order to build levels of trust, commitment and repeat business? It’s a no brainer, isn’t it! Building lifelong customer relationships is so important. A good [...]

  • Training Tips #1 FB

5 Top Business Training Tips for Small Businesses

Small businesses always need to find innovative ways to sustain and grow. Your workforce is your main asset and although it may not be your top priority, it is worth investing in employee training. Do you need to upgrade your [...]

  • Team Spirit 3

It’s All about Team Spirit!

Team spirit is based on the culture of the company. According to the Collins dictionary: ‘team spirit is the feeling of pride and loyalty among team members. That feeling makes employees or team members perform well to build a better [...]

  • Monkey Management July 21

Monkey Management  

"The art of monkey management is to help your staff manage their own monkeys by not actually taking them on yourself." Do you ever feel that you’ve spent the entire day sorting out other people’s problems? The monkey-loving manager becomes [...]

  • the ripple effect July 21


Whatever our job or whichever company we work for, we are all influencers and our actions can have an effect on our clients, customers and within the workplace. This can also translate into influencing our family, the community we live [...]

  • Interviewing skills July 21

Interviewing Skills for Employers

As an employer you will no doubt be needing new staff for your business, either occasionally or an on-going basis. Your company may not have a dedicated personnel officer, but you will want to hire the best person for the [...]

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