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  • Curate Content Group June 21

Curate content. No, not create content… but curate content!

  What exactly does curating content mean? The definition, according to Wikipedia: Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators. Curation [...]

  • Capability Building Group

Capability Building

What exactly is capability building? Some of you may think it is just another name for training your employees, but capability building is essentially increasing knowledge and skills that will lead to expanding capacity. Capability building is moving forward. Gone [...]

  • Conversational Copywriting Group

Conversational Copywriting – How You Doin’?

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” …Leo Burnett What’s the best of way of getting to know someone? Bombarding them with lots of facts and information that aren’t relevant [...]

  • Google Photos Update group

Google Photos Storage Update

Google Photos is updating its storage policy starting as of 1st June 2021. The platform will no longer provide unlimited free storage for photos at High Quality resolution. Any new photos and videos you upload on Google Photos starting from [...]

  • mental health in the workplace group March 21

How you can Support the Mental Health of your Employees

For some, working from home proved to be less of a struggle than for others. Many of us benefited from flexible working and having autonomy to decide how we structured our work day. For others, working from home led to feelings of [...]



Did WhatsApp secretly change its group invite settings to “Everyone”? You may have seen the warning that was doing the rounds on social media recently about the fact that WhatsApp has changed its group settings to include everyone. The truth [...]


Workplace Wellness

Businesses worldwide are working towards reopening, either in part or full time, and as employers you must plan for your employees return in a safe and careful manner. If your employees have been working from home, are they prepared both [...]

  • social media digital skills in demand

Social Media Digital Skills in Demand in 2021

In an evolving workplace, especially in times when working from home has become more commonplace, digital skills have become more important and this is particularly in evidence when it comes to social media skills. Employers are now looking more and [...]

  • Gritstone Group April 21

MEET THE TRAINERS: Paul Shepherd and Dr. Christian Perrin

BC Training Solutions is privileged to be working with two inspirational professionals who are delivering their Challenging Mindsets that Marginalise video event to our clients. Paul Shepherd Paul has worked in several countries for a wide variety of private and third [...]

  • Challenging Mindsets that Marginalise (1)

Challenging Mindsets that Marginalise

“White Privilege” “Systemic Racism” “Black Lives Matter” “All Lives Matter” “BAME” “Intersectionality” “Silence is Compliance” “Stay Woke” “Snowflake Generation” Just some of the terms that society is currently wrestling with. How comfortable are we in our knowledge and use of [...]

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