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  • remote working

Remote Working – How to Manage Remote Workers

  COVID-19 has forced many companies to switch to remote working very quickly and this could become the norm in the long term, resulting in a significant change to the corporate culture. Managers and leaders will have to adapt to [...]

  • Eat That Frog 1

Eat That Frog Time Management Training

“Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”… Mark Twain. Eat That Frog We’ve written this popular time management technique before but in these strange times of [...]

  • Why People Choose BC Training Solutions

Why People Choose BC Training Solutions

Brenda Cuby is the founding Director of BC Training Solutions Gibraltar. She is passionate about training, coaching & development and over the years BC Training has grown into an international business delivering bespoke training, coaching and consulting both locally and [...]

  • conflict management 1

Conflict Management versus Bullying in the Workplace

Although they may seem to be similar, these are two distinctly different behaviours and it is important to recognise this and to know how to respond if you or an employee is dealing with either of them in the workplace. [...]

  • Social Anxiety


Social distancing is considered essential to slowing the spread of coronavirus. Life can be hard if you suffer with social anxiety or depression, but during these unprecedented times of lockdown it can become even harder to deal with those feelings [...]

  • Social Media Positivity 1

How to use Social Media Positively

In the present climate of self-isolation and social distancing, many of us are turning to social media as a way to communicate or to enable us to feel part of the wider world. There is no doubt that it can [...]

  • Mindset Mentor & Success Coach 1

Life Coach and/or Mentor?

Some of us hide our personal power behind layers of self-doubt, insecurity and fear. The right life coach and/or mentor can help you break through these limiting beliefs and put you on the path to creating the life you should [...]

  • Training 10

Are Training Courses Worth the Investment?

As a business owner, CEO, team leader or manager, can you say that your current training courses and programmes deliver on your expectations? Training requires an investment in resources, time and above all, money.  You know it makes sense to [...]

  • business writing March 20

Top Tips to Perfect your Business Writing Skills

The main aim of business writing is that it should be understood clearly when read quickly. The message should be well planned, simple, clear, and direct. It should either: Convey information Deliver news Direct action Explain or justify Influence someone [...]

  • Strength Deployment Inventory

What Is The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI)?

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) – was developed by Elias H. Porter, a clinical psychologist who worked at the University of Chicago before moving to UCLA where he spent the rest of his academic career.  SDI is a powerful tool [...]

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