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  • Gobbledygook Sept 20

Is your Content Marketing Just a Load of Gobbledygook?

If you are failing in your marketing endeavours and feel that you are getting stuck with ideas for new content or great copy, stop packing your posts with gobbledygook and think about producing easily digested messages in simple, plain language. [...]

  • Boomerang Sept 20

The Boomerang Technique

Mastering Sales Objections & Customer Service What is the Boomerang Technique? Essentially it is hurling a buyer's objection back as a reason for buying your product. This is a classic sales method that turns a customer’s objections for not accepting [...]

  • Facebook F5 1

Facebook F5 Tip on Publishing a Business Post

Do you have the new Facebook design yet? Unfortunately like it or not – Facebook F5 is coming to us all in September. Facebook has rolled out 14 changes, updates and new products in the past six months and this [...]

  • Business Planning 1

Business Planning

Planning helps a business identify its goals. Preparing for the future allows leadership and management to consider the impact they would like the company to have and to find a way to get there. This course will provide you with an overview of the [...]


PR and Reputation Management

This practical PR and Reputation Management course focuses on how to create communication campaigns, manage strong brands, create a cohesive corporate identity, predict and reduce risk, create a crisis plan and risk management strategy, protect and enhance reputation, implement CSR [...]

  • MEET THE TRAINERS James Watkins

Meet the Trainers – James Watkins

James Watkins is an economic development specialist. He is also the Geopolitics and Public Affairs Lecturer for the French business school, INSEEC. He was the Political Adviser to the Japanese Government based at the Embassy of Japan in London and [...]

  • EFT in the Workplace July 20

Take Good Care of Yourself in the Workplace

During times of stress, such as the current COVID-19 pandemic crisis we are experiencing, it is important to take good care of your mental health, especially if you have returned to working with others. Everyone reacts differently in these situations, [...]

  • Future is online training 1

The Future is… Online Training

We will get back to normality, but when is the question! The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us all into confusion. If your business or organisation is wondering how to develop employees without face-to-face training sessions, the answer is online training. [...]

  • COVID-19 Gibraltar training officer

Why you have to appoint a COVID-19 Safety Officer in your Gibraltar workplace

In his address to Parliament on the 16th June, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo announced that every business will need to appoint a COVID-19 Officer as outlined in the Unlock the Rock document. This officer will be tasked with communicating safety information, [...]

  • Linkedin Premium

Grow your Business with LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn to gain customers… why bother you ask? While most people start with the free version of LinkedIn, there are a number of useful paid features that make a Premium account worth the investment. Maybe you had thought of LinkedIn [...]

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