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How to Deal with Difficult Customers

Difficult customers have an agenda… they want immediate satisfaction! In today’s world of instant gratification, customers feel that they deserve to be heard and demand special treatment until they get what they want. The truth of the matter is that [...]

  • Team Leadership 1

Are you Ready to be a Team Leader?

There is some research out there that indicates that team leaders are born not made when it comes to the world of nature and nurture. A study published in Science Advances journal suggested that shoals of fish tend to follow [...]

LinkedIn – How can we help?

LinkedIn is a fantastic tool for business users to leverage their online profile and create further business opportunities.  There are many tools within LinkedIn that can help you push this forward once you are set up correctly. As with all [...]

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People Management and Team Leadership

Inspire Greatness Building Accountability, Action and Agility with People Management and Team Leadership Inspiring greatness is all about leading by example. Empower employees and colleagues by instilling confidence and allowing them to be the best that they can be. The [...]

Brenda Cuby The Success Coach

Brenda Cuby is a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Wellness Success Coach who combines her skills and expertise as a leading business training provider to assist individuals in achieving and maintaining optimum mental health wellness to bring about lasting [...]

  • Smile 2

Smile Marketing

'Smile and the whole world smiles with you…' Attributed to writer and novelist Stanley Gordon West, this quote immediately hits the target  -  it generates a smile! In my first job working for a TV station in the UK, there [...]

  • Twitter Purge 1

Twitter Purge Fake Accounts

You may have noticed a drop in the number of your Twitter followers. Why? Because Twitter has begun to purge suspicious accounts in an effort to restore trust in the social media platform, and celebrities are the ones who seem [...]

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Soft Skills are the Core Focus of Learning and Development in the Workplace in 2018

“In today’s dynamic world of work, the path to opportunity—for both individuals, and organizations—is changing.” The LinkedIn 2018 Workplace Learning Report reveals that the top Learning & Development trends are not focused on tech skills anymore, but that soft skills [...]

1-2-1 Coaching

Recently Brenda has been busy with her 1-2-1 clients working on their personal mental wellbeing and accountability strategies.  This enables them to be clearer on who they are and what they want to get out of life. For some it [...]

  • small business marketing 1


Your small business probably already has a presence on social media, but are you making the best of it and how can you increase the visibility of your brand to social media users? It is vital that your small business [...]

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