Jim Rohn was an American businessman and entrepreneur who later became a motivational speaker, presenting seminars all around the world for many years. He was born in 1930 and died in 2009.He is known for his wisdom and philosophies on business success and personal development.

Positive communication is an essential social skill that can assist in successfully managing relationships, and one that has the ability to influence, engage and inspire others.

Our Positive Communication in the Workplace training course can truly make a difference to the way you communicate with others – not just in the workplace or in a professional scenario, but it can also impact on personal relationships.

Understanding the impact of negative communication and how it can influence the lives of those around us is a powerful tool to learn.

We have all experienced the results of bad communication, whether verbal or written, and at some point in our lives, we will all have suffered from the fallout of when communication goes wrong. How did it make you feel; upset, angry, confused, undermined, stressed? These are just some of the negative emotions that can contribute detrimentally to our wellbeing and mental health.

If we can recognise these emotions and understand that there is a loss of control from the person making these negative comments, then we can go some way towards building healthy relationships. We may be the person who needs help in learning how to communicate towards others in a more positive manner.

Good relationships depend on open and honest communication. There are certain strategies that can be learnt to ensure that we work together with our colleagues and within family relationships.

Language can be extremely powerful when used as a tool of communication, but there are other techniques that can be utilised to influence behaviour and build positive communication habits, including active listening and body language.

What makes this course so rewarding is our expert trainer Fiona Young, a qualified solicitor with over 16 years of litigation experience. Fiona trained as an interpersonal mediator and went on to obtain her certificate in Commercial Mediation. She uses her mediation skills and her experience in dealing with people in different conditions and circumstances to deliver training that can dramatically change our relationships and build positive communication habits.