Presenting information clearly and effectively is a key skill to get your message or opinion across.

It’s not unusual to feel anxious about standing up to give a presentation in front of a group of colleagues or clients. However, even if you don’t need to make regular presentations, there are plenty of situations where good presentation and public speaking skills can help you advance your career and create opportunities.

Good preparation is the key to feeling confident and this will lay the groundwork for ensuring that you continue to make effective presentations in the future.

Think about the two ‘Rs’! Research and rehearse.

Research is important so that you are sure of the facts you are presenting.

Rehearse what you are going to say out loud a minimum of three times. This will help you to find the right flow and speed and eliminate any filler words such as ‘um’.

Now for the negative ‘R’ – Rambling. Don’t ramble, because nobody will be impressed by a rambling speaker.

It always helps to show enthusiasm for your topic. Positivity is infectious, so make sure your audience can buy in to what you are saying.

Try and feel the adrenalin from your nerves as a positive and use it to give yourself some energy.

Above all, be yourself. People are quick to pick up on insincerity so act in a confident manner and your audience will be able to relate to you more easily.