Your small business probably already has a presence on social media, but are you making the best of it and how can you increase the visibility of your brand to social media users?

It is vital that your small business has a digital marketing strategy in place. Why? Because you will be lagging behind the competition who will undoubtedly already have put one into action.

Local SEO (search engine optimization) is a powerful tool and one that is crucial in this day and age, with four out of five consumers using search to find information about local businesses.

Making sure that you website is current, relevant and attractive will go a long way to improving consumer engagement. Does your website load quickly and is it easy to navigate? Consumers will quickly move on and abandon your site if it isn’t. Clear calls-to-action are important too; ‘Call Today’ or ‘Sign up Now’ with a button or hyperlink to a phone number or email address can be effective in swaying someone’s decision to contact you.

Don’t forget about mobile optimization either. Google will penalise your website if it isn’t optimised for mobile.

Link building is a great way to show search engines like Google that your website is popular. Essentially, links are one of the top SEO ranking factors and if you build high-quality links you will prove to Google that your small business is relevant. It isn’t an easy task though, but you could try to find other local business owners who are willing to link to your website in return for a similar favour.

There are two kinds of links; earned links, which are links where external sources choose to cite you, and links from guest bloggers.

However, the best link building strategy is still content marketing. A survey in 2016 by software service company Moz resulted in 36% of respondents identifying the best way of link building as content marketing!

Ultimately, building your brand on social media so that you become the ‘go-to’ business and the expert in your niche, whichever method you choose to do that, is the way forward.

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