Do you feel comfortable speaking to a group of people? If not… don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Everybody gets nervous before speaking in public. It would be unusual if they weren’t. Even entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, has a strong dislike of speaking in public.

”I loathe making speeches and always have. I deliver a lot of them these days, but it’s almost as true today as it was when I first spoke in public as a student some 50-odd years ago.”… Richard Branson

In an article that he wrote for his blog on the Virgin website, Sir Richard included his ‘Top Tips for Public Speaking.’ You can read his piece here:

Essentially, Sir Richard advocates that it is better to speak from the heart and express your passion, rather than reading a pre-written speech. If you can speak with passion, people will resonate with what you have to say.

Sometimes it may not always be appropriate in a business setting, but Sir Richard believes in using humour where possible. He recommends placing witty lines at the beginning and end of a talk, putting a laugh in the middle with serious stuff on either side, and concluding with a smile.

Remaining humble and being authentic are two key points that Sir Richard promotes.  Always be genuine in what you are saying if you want your audience to trust you.

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Speaking in public is often a basic requirement for those in business management or leadership. If you can’t communicate clearly, how can you expect to motivate your employees? Alternatively, you may be employed in the sales and service side of your business where speaking confidently is a vital tool needed for dealing with customers and clients.

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