How do you change the mind-set of a customer to one that embraces buying your product?

Not only do you need to understand the psychology of your clients and customers but you need to know how to approach them in a way that will influence their decisions.

There are two psychological power principles that can guide your marketing strategy – authority and reciprocity.


The principle of reciprocity describes the tendency of human nature to want to offer something when something is received.

Reciprocity can generate goodwill for your business. Studies have found that it doesn’t take much to start the process of reciprocity; even the smallest of gestures will increase the loyalty of customers.

Find ways to make your customers or clients feel special and build trust so that they will want to do business with you again.


This strategy revolves around establishing yourself as a leader or ‘go-to’ authority for topics related to your business or industry. Making sure that you, or your brand, is viewed as an authority that can be trusted by people searching online on a given topic.

The key to implementing a good authority marketing campaign is by delivering good content but first you should identify a particular niche where you can make a real impact. However, you need to be consistent in your efforts, constantly engaging with your community.

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