COVID-19 has forced many companies to switch to remote working very quickly and this could become the norm in the long term, resulting in a significant change to the corporate culture.

Managers and leaders will have to adapt to a new way of working and this will include setting up practices that will allow them to communicate clearly and safely with employees. One thing to remember is that humans are social beings and lack of physical contact and personal interaction can lead to issues including the potential for employees to feel left out of the loop.

So what does it take to keep productivity up and morale strong and how can managers support remote employees? Communication is one of the biggest challenges for remote workers.  Video meetings, as opposed to phone calls or emails, are the best way for people to connect and communicate clearly.  Establishing a daily call at a set time will enable you to listen to any concerns and questions that may be troubling them.

As people adjust to working remotely, it is vital to make sure that everyone involved in a specific project understands each person’s responsibilities for achieving it. Initiate remote collaboration on documents and files. This is something that may have already been in place in the office, but now is the time to really utilise cloud-based tools to create documents, articles, spreadsheets and presentations.

There hasn’t been much time to invest in training for your remote workers, but there are things that can be done to ensure things run smoothly. Navigating the channels of remote working is not something that we had expected to be doing or that we had planned for, but it is time to embrace the change and look to the future.

Give your Managers the skills and techniques needed to motivate remote working teams to deliver their best.

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