Bullying is often a dirty little secret that undermines many a workplace. There are various facets to bullying that can take the form of different dimensions, both verbal and non-verbal, and it can manifest itself in many guises. It could be because of a personality clash between colleagues, an employee having an issue with a manager, or rivalry between teams. One aspect that is often overlooked is bullying that is hidden from the victim.

Signs of bullying may become noticeable through heated exchanges between colleagues or meetings between management and employees where no resolution is found to a pressing issue.

However, not all forms of bullying are so obvious. Some individuals might hide their feelings as a way of coping with a problem; while a team might react to pressure by cutting itself off from the rest of the organisation.

Symptoms of conflict can include a drop in motivation or behavioural changes. This can lead to an increase in sickness absence and could trigger depression or stress.

Without the proper action or conflict resolution, you could damage the productivity and efficiency of your business. The consequence of not addressing bullying in the workplace could be costly.

It is the employers’ responsibility to create a safe and happy workplace. Effective workplace conflict resolution helps prevent the escalation of bullying in your organisation. Call BC Training today to sign up for our Conflict Resolution training session with our expert trainer who can help you resolve conflicts between individuals, groups and teams of people.

No more secrets and lies – let’s make the workplace a happy place!