‘Smile and the whole world smiles with you…’

Attributed to writer and novelist Stanley Gordon West, this quote immediately hits the target  -  it generates a smile!

In my first job working for a TV station in the UK, there was a young woman who brightened everyone’s day with her infectious smile and happy demeanor. People enjoyed seeing her and she certainly made a great impression. Smiling is contagious! If there was one thing I learnt from her it was to always try and appear positive, welcoming and to wear a smile.

So how can you use smile marketing in your business? Ask yourself a question - what makes you smile? Before you start your next marketing campaign think about the content. Will it generate a smile?

You can detect a smile in someone’s voice over the phone; there is a distinctly different tone and you can incorporate happy images, pictures of people smiling or contented customers, into your website and on your social media platforms. You could even include a smile into your logo such as the iconic Amazon image.

When it comes to content marketing there are, of course, some do’s and don’ts. Humour is great, but don’t use it at the expense of your audience, or to make fun of potential customers.

Do keep it relevant and keep up-to-date with trending topics, but always make sure to relate it back to your business or brand.

Laughter is contagious and humour can bring a smile to most people’s faces. Use humour to evoke a feel-good response and inspire trust in your audience. Create positive feelings to get your brand noticed. It could be seen to be a form of emotional blackmail, but emotional content that generates warmth and happiness works.

Who will you make smile today?

Q: Why did the marketer get fired as a tap dancer?

A:  She wanted to get paid per click.

By Jo Ward