In an evolving workplace, especially in times when working from home has become more commonplace, digital skills have become more important and this is particularly in evidence when it comes to social media skills.

Employers are now looking more and more for people who have both hard and soft skills and digital marketing is top of the list when it comes to promoting products and services.

There is no doubt that the pandemic forced many companies to accelerate their move to reinforce their online presence. They had to react to a world where social media was sometimes the only way to keep people connected to each other and to the businesses and brands that they trusted.

Social media and SEO (search engine optimisation) skills are needed so companies can continue to grow their brand online.

Think about it… social media allows your business to build a strong relationship with their audience. If you can create a legion of loyal clients, you will be way ahead of your rivals.

Hootsuite, the social media management platform, just released its annual report entitled ‘2021 Social Trends Will Light the Way’. They surveyed 11,189 marketers to illuminate the most effective ways to boost traffic, get leads, and attract new customers in 2021.

The report states that “Social bridges the gap to a new customer experience” and that “as businesses struggle to recoup lost sales in the wake of the pandemic, marketers turn to social to meet two equally urgent imperatives: deliver short-term ROI with targeted performance marketing tactics while building innovative digital experiences that win long-term loyalty by bringing discovery, connection, and fun back to the customer experience”.

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