If your company has to contact debtors by telephone, are your employees comfortable making those calls? Do they know everything about the debt being collected so that the call results in success and retains and enhances the company’s goodwill?

Recognising the importance of good communication over the telephone and the impact it has on the success of collection calls is vital. There is an art to becoming an effective telephone debt collector and there are certain techniques that can be learnt and which can then become second nature when put into practice.

Keeping calm whilst dealing with irate customers can be a challenge, however with the proper training your staff can learn how to be polite and professional under duress.

We can teach them how to sharpen their skills by practicing responses to tough situations. Role-play can also be a useful tool to prepare your employees for handling tough calls.

Our practical half day course concentrates on the two areas vital to successful cash collection over the telephone: good technique and a confident approach. With clear and expert presentations, candidates will learn how to organise and carry out calls so that they secure a customer commitment to settle their account.

Who is it for?

  • Employees whose role it is to report to the Finance Director or other senior staff
  • Staff who lack confidence to make routine collection calls
  • Those looking to train to move into a financial collections role.
  • Suitable for new and recently-appointed credit controllers and staff collecting outstanding trade debts over the telephone.

Call us today to sign up for our next Telephone Debt Collection half day course on 8th November from 10 am -1 pm.