Ask yourself these questions:

Do you sound friendly, warm and approachable on the phone?

Do you sound competent and credible?

Are you confident?

How effective are your conversations?

Whether you are a receptionist or whether you deal with customers and clients in a sales and marketing role or maybe you are a customer care or service provider, you should make sure that you have a professional manner. Take care of your customers and it will reap benefits for your business.

Our Telephone Etiquette training course will show why the telephone is such an important business tool in projecting a positive image and will demonstrate best practices for using the telephone in a given scenario. We will give examples of best practices for using a mobile and how to make and leave appropriate recorded voice mail greetings and messages.

Talking with someone on the phone is an art form that can be mastered. There are techniques that can be learnt to improve voice characteristics. One good tip is to take a big breath before answering the phone and then talk at the top of that breathe and go on speaking as you exhale.

When you answer the phone it could be the first contact that a customer or client has with your company and it is vital to make a good first impression so that you can create a positive relationship. Always give customers your undivided attention and make them feel important.

Call us and we will give you the tools to handle any phone call!

“It was nice speaking to you. Please contact us again if you have any further queries. Goodbye and thanks for calling.”