Mastering Sales Objections & Customer Service

What is the Boomerang Technique?

This is a classic sales method that turns a customer’s objections for not accepting the sales pitch and buying the product into one which strengthens the probability of winning the sale that can result in an immediate purchase.

Essentially, using the analogy of a boomerang which returns to the person who threw it, a sales person can use the arguments put forward, and turn them around by using what they say and agreeing with the customer that they are correct in their assumptions.

For instance, if a prospective client objects that they aren’t able to afford the product you are trying to sell, you could agree, and then say ‘Yes, but can you afford not to buy it?’. This method is also known as the Translation Method because it translates the objection into a reason in favour of the purchase.

Selling can be fascinating, however not all salespeople are ready to handle objections. Closing a sale can sometimes be a hard task and is often cited as an art form because each sale will be different.

BC Training’s ‘Mastering Sales Objections & Customer Service’ training course will allow you to understand how to apply the Boomerang Technique to enable you to turn around customer objections into reasons for making an immediate purchase.

Amongst the topics covered will be the ‘Ben Franklin Balance Sheet’ – a decision-making tool that is one of the classic sales tactics used to close a sale. Customers and clients often hesitate on making decisions because they don’t see the answer clearly. The ‘Ben Franklin Balance Sheet’ strategy can help them see the benefits.

Another exciting addition to BC Training’s portfolio of training courses, ‘Mastering Sales Objections & Customer Service’ is a full day course led by an expert trainer.