We will get back to normality, but when is the question! The COVID-19 pandemic has thrown us all into confusion. If your business or organisation is wondering how to develop employees without face-to-face training sessions, the answer is online training.

Whether that is in the short term or long term, new online learning experiences can help you to sustain employee satisfaction leading to increased productivity for your business during these times of crisis.

BC Training can provide courses that will upskill your managers and leaders, but instead of coming into your workplace or hosting your delegates at our venues, we can provide virtual classrooms.

There is no doubt that social distancing could continue for some time and this will lead to the ability of people travelling to and from work to be a less likely prospect for a while, with different patterns of working and learning being put in place.

With more and more of the workforce ‘working from home’, now is the time to consider how your company will adapt to training in the future, how you can upskill your current workforce and also how you can reassure them about their job prospects going forward.

Online solutions are the answer.  Your employees will be eager to learn new skills and to take part in training to help them cope with changes in their work-life balance.  It is also true that employees may have more spare time and are eager to learn complementary soft skills such as mindfulness and Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT). Take your organisation forward with a more holistic approach to accommodate your employees’ changing needs.

The good news is that at BC Training we can provide all your training needs whether online or in person, from leadership and management to soft skills and an enlightening way to integrate your employees’ body, emotions, mind, and spirit using EFT.