Here at BC Training Solutions we like to bring you information about how to manage your time in the workplace and over the years we have brought you different techniques that can enable you to do this effectively.

Remember Eat That Frog?

Mark Twain once said that if the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long.

Self-help guru Brian Tracy used this quote as a metaphor for effective time management.  In his popular 2001 book Eat That Frog! 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time, he expounds his theory that you should tackle the hardest and most important item on your to-do list first thing every morning.

Now we have The Pomodoro Technique. Why ‘Pomodoro’? Because it is named after a tomato-shaped timer – a Pomodoro being a type of tomato.

It was invented in the early 1990s by developer, entrepreneur, and author Francesco Cirillo who used one of these tomato-shaped timers to track his work as a university student.

Like many time management techniques it relies on breaking work down into a series of tasks. In this case in timed intervals called ‘Pomodoros’. This helps to train your brain to focus for short periods and stay on top of deadlines.

By the way – any timer will do!

Pomodoro Technique:

  • Focus on one task or project.
  • Make a to-do list and set your timer for 25 minutes and start on one of those tasks.
  • When the alarm rings, take a five minute break and tick the task off your list.
  • Repeat for four more tasks and then take a longer break between 15 and 30 minutes.
  • Remember to record each session with a tick on your list.

25 minutes is long enough to allow you to achieve enough work to make you feel productive and you will feel recharged after your break and ready to start your next 25 minute session.

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