Whatever our job or whichever company we work for, we are all influencers and our actions can have an effect on our clients, customers and within the workplace. This can also translate into influencing our family, the community we live in and the wider world.

As a ripple is created by the impact of one water drop; so the passion, attitude, values, and beliefs ripple outward with every interaction producing either a positive or negative influence on those we encounter.

To be productive we have to focus our energy on what maximises our best efforts and we can start this process initially by making small drops in the pond. The pond metaphor is demonstrated by James Harlow Brown in his book Dangerous Undertaking: The Search for Transformation:

‘I had a great idea! The ripples from the beginning of time, from the Big Bang itself, are still present in our pond! Look, imagine the Big Bang created something like a gigantic ocean that is still expanding. The ocean is space and time. Everything here on earth is our own little ‘pond’ inside that ocean. The thing is our pond here on earth isn’t smooth. It has ripples in it. The ripples from the Big Bang are still touching us. And we’re the first people who ever understood that!”

“Wait a minute, Frank,” I interrupted. “Why was the engineer amazed by that? So all the atoms and stuff in space created by the Big Bang are still touching us – so what?”

Frank nodded. “That was my reaction too. I thought he was just another NASA guy falling in love with the ‘music of the spheres,’ as they say. But let me continue. You’ll being to see.

“As the engineer sat by the pond that evening he realised that the frog’s ripples were only some of the movement he could see on its surface. He started observing it very carefully. It was a muggy Houston evening with hardly a breath of air. Insects were flying near the surface and occasionally one would touch the water and cause small ripples in the pond. Then he saw a swallow swoop down and lightly touch the surface as it caught a bug, which created more ripples. Then a light breeze came and went, and it caused even more ripples. All these ripples interacted with each other and caused complex patterns in the surface of the water.

“The insight he had was that all these different events – the frog and the bugs, the swallow and the breeze – were writing their unique pattern on the surface of the pond. Their patterns were reality. He’d seen the frog jump in, and the birds catch an insect a few seconds later, but their patterns lingered there in the ripples. Then it hit him. Our whole world is the same way! The ripples of events on our own local pond, planet Earth, create an ongoing evolving pattern that is reality. We make ripples and create the future every moment!”

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