IMG_2766As you all know our MD, Brenda Cuby spent a week at the Women Economic Forum Conference.  It is a 6 day annual event which speakers from all around the world are invited to speak.  Brenda spoke about collaborative training, which as we all know is her passion and she was awarded an award for being an Iconic Woman Creating a Better World for All.

Having met so many inspirational women from over 100 countries, Brenda has reached out to them to answer a few questions, here are the responses.

1 Who are you and what do you do? – I am Subha Rajan Tampi.   I work for the Confederation of Indian industry.
2 Tell us more about your WEF 2017 experience? – I loved the divine feminine energy at WEF.
3 If you could choose one out of all your defining memories from WEF, what would it be? – My defining moment was the chorus for sisterhood.  My take away was that women make the world go round.  Women make the world a better place.
4 What plans do you have for the rest of 2017? – I plan to attend the sessions in Europe, giving more grease to every feminine elbow.