In his address to Parliament on the 16th June, Chief Minister Fabian Picardo announced that every business will need to appoint a COVID-19 Officer as outlined in the Unlock the Rock document. This officer will be tasked with communicating safety information, promoting compliance with safety protocols and procedures and also ensuring continuous coverage for responding to safety concerns raised by other employees or indeed the business’ customers.

The Unlock the Rock document states that:

“In all workplaces, the rules of social distancing will have to become commonplace and will have to be observed as enforceable rules of health and safety. These will be a legal requirement which HMGoG will impose by legislation. Additionally, these rules will be as important to employers as they will be to employees. Employers will want to ensure that the rules are observed to avoid widespread contagion of its employees that could lead to the business being unable to continue to operate. Employees will want to ensure that they are not putting themselves, or being put by the employer or fellow employees, at risk of contracting the virus. This will mean maintaining physical distancing, keeping records of who comes into contact with whom, where possible, and avoiding large gatherings at work, disinfecting surfaces and maintaining the very highest standards of hygiene. The Government will therefore legislate to require that a COVID-19 Officer shall be appointed in respect of every workplace. The responsibilities of the COVID-19 Officer will include ensuring that hand sanitisers are available, that the rules of social distancing can be observed in the layout of work places and such other obligations as the legislation shall require. We are all in this together and in the same way as employees must be given the confidence to declare that they are suffering from COVID-19 symptoms, employers must equally be given the confidence that the process of testing employees exhibiting symptoms will happen without delay. Office Environments Working from home will continue to be recommended generally for all those who are able to. Those who work in office environments should consider continuing to use video conferencing to replace meetings where this would obviate the need for travel or for gatherings in which the rules of social distancing cannot be properly observed. Where the rules of social distancing cannot be observed, it is advisable that masks should be worn. Employers will need to provide hand sanitiser gels at places of access and egress to offices. Cleaning of offices and equipment will have to be very regular and will have to involve disinfection. “

BC Training’s Zoom COVID-19 Return to Work Training course with David Hume includes:

  • How to return to work and comply with social distancing
  • How limit the spread of the virus to other workers and their families
  • Fit for the working environment and self-isolation
  • Getting to work
  • Social Distancing at work
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Documentation controls
  • Existing Health Issues or living with Vulnerable People

Book your employees onto this course today and comply with the latest directives from HM Government of Gibraltar for every business in Gibraltar to have an appointed COVID-19 officer.