Businesses worldwide are working towards reopening, either in part or full time, and as employers you must plan for your employees return in a safe and careful manner.

If your employees have been working from home, are they prepared both physically and psychologically to return to work?

Mental health in the workplace matters. There is often little or none wellbeing communication within companies and sometimes employees can feel cast adrift.

There should be more strategic focus on mental health and wellbeing, with employers creating and implementing end-to-end strategies across the workforce.

Managers often lack sufficient training to support their team who are suffering post-pandemic mental health issues.

Well-functioning employees are essential for the success of a business. When employees are of good mental wellbeing, they take less days off and function more productively saving your business time, money and resources.

Training your managers properly can help to proactively reduce the number of days taken off due to stress, anxiety and depression.

Everyone can experience changes to their mental health during their working life, especially in a demanding environment with tight deadlines and reduced resources.

Organisations need to create an environment where optimal mental health is maintained.

Our experienced trainers can safely guide your employees to better understand and support each-other and to help prepare them for their return to the workplace.